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Downtown Saratoga Springs, NY  •  Discover It Again And Again!
Saratoga Springs, NY has gone from being the “August Place to Be” to an exciting, culturally sophisticated, year round destination.

This, in no small part, is because of the cooperation of the Downtown Business Association, Convention and Tourism Bureau, the City Center, Chamber of Commerce, Special Assessment District, our local government, police force, Preservation Foundation, and the Historical Society.

The Saratoga Springs Downtown Business Association is literally paving the way for Saratoga Springs and its future, we have different challenges to face, new, fresh faces adding to the talent pool and hopefully a greater number of members becoming involved. The talent, brainpower and resources for success are all here.

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  Shopping  •  Dining  •  Entertainment  •  Services  •  Lodging  •  Galleries  •  Museums  •  Events  

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